Three days in…

I have been doing OK with my diet.  Yesterday I ate Kashi Cinnamon something… They are like frosted mini wheat but Kashi uses whole grain and they do not frost their wheat clusters.  I had some RSBT free organic 1% milk with that as well.  Then for lunch I did well and had a slice of leftover goat cheese, spinach and onion pizza with a banana.  Before it became dinner time I of course had to snack on some roasted red hummus and multigrain pita chips.  Then for dinner I had a cold tortellini salad with tomatoes and a light dressing along with a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and rasins.  UGH.   I ate more than I should have.  Its so hard tho.  I just need to keep trying and train my stomach to not crave so much food.

Today I am going to the gym! I have to because I didn’t do any exercise yesterday.  This morning I had some more oatmeal with brown sugar.  Lunch I am going to have a spring mix salad with some croutons, goat cheese, and dressing.  Possibly blueberries if they are still edible. haha  Tonight I am making Roasted Pork Tenderloin and apples!  It looks and sounds delicious.  I am also going to add a small salad on the side.  Yummy! I hope the boytoy likes it!

Peace. love and healthiness.


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