Run, run, run…

So two days ago I didn’t go to the gym.  I skipped it.  We went shopping all day and then had dinner at my bubby’s dad’s house.  It was a delicious dinner!  We had a chicken and veggie soup with some slices of bread.  It was a good day overall.  We set up our apartment and things are going well.

Although yesterday, I made the most delicious dinner!  I made butternut squash, sweet potato lasagna.  It was to die for! Thanks to how sweet it is. ❤  My bubby loved it he couldn’t get enough.  Although after one piece i was SO stuffed  it could easily serve 4 people for dinner.

I also made it to the gym yesterday! YAY!  I ran 3 miles and did some stretching and ab workout.  I should have lifted weights but I was just so hot and tired after the 3 mile run…. maybe next time.

For breakfast today I had a pear and half of an english muffin with strawberry jam. YUMMY

Confession:  I bought ice cream.  Maine Blueberry by Giffords.  I have NEVER seen it for sale at a grocery store and its my FAVORITE ice cream.  So I crumbled and bought some.   My bad.


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